Where’d my InfoPath options go?

Real quick post here.  Working with a business partner who wanted to create InfoPath forms. Easy enough right? Oh but wait, she doesn’t have the option. Is there a configuration in CA to modify? Is it a down Service App? What do I do!?!

Well, for one I knew it was a site setting or feature since other site collections allowed users to use InfoPath. So I figured I’d start at the site collection features. Navigate down the page and lo and behold:

SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection feature

I go ahead and hit Activate. It chews on that for a minute or two and after that you should see this:

SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection feature activated

Now my user can create any and all InfoPath forms they want.

Side note: I know this isn’t the sexiest post, but I found it to be one of those “Gee, I wonder how I turn that functionality on” and figured someone else might run into the same issue.

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