#TechOnTap review

So that whole promise I made earlier in the week to write everyday? Yeah, didn’t work out so well. Sorry…

Yesterday I gave my PowerPivot presentation at #TechOnTap up in Appleton, WI. This is a very cool IT speaker series that takes place at the Stone Cellar Brewpub. I highly recommend both #TechOnTap and the Stone Cellar Brewpub. Together they’re an out-of-this-world experience.

Chuck Heinzelman started things off with a nice overview of Kerberos in SharePoint. The use case scenario was around SharePoint 2010 & SQL 2012 SSRS…something I’ve been testing off-and-on for the last 4-months or so. I’ve got it 90% of the way and (I’m hoping) Chuck filled in the remaining 10%. When I get a free minute in the next week or two (yeah right) I’ll see if I can finally fill in the remaining gaps and get Kerberos going all the way (blog post to follow that).

Rob Bogue was up next with an overview of Forms based authentication. I’ve been busy at work putting together an Internet site on SharePoint and I’ve had to blaze this trail before. Let’s just say it’s a somewhat confusing prospect. Rob is always an entertaining presenter.

Rick Fischer rounded things out with a talk on InfoPath. Nicely done overview of InfoPath’s functionality. There’s a lot of good stuff in the product and it can open up a lot of possibilities for an organization. In my mind, InfoPath is to SharePoint like Outlook is to Exchange.

I was the day’s headliner (i.e. I went last). Had some awesome questions from the audience. The demo always seems to blow minds. It’s that type of reaction that makes me enjoy speaking about PowerPivot.

Lunch was plentiful (sandwich bar) and the beer was even better. Did I forget to mention it was all you could drink? The next event will be in October and you can bet I’ll be attending. I hope to bring some of my Trek cohorts up there with me too.

Thanks to the 3 “brewmasters” for throwing #TechOnTap and inviting me to speak: Derek Schauland, Jes Borland, and Mark Cyrulik. Very cool people indeed. Went to dinner afterwards with Derek, Mark, and Tim Florek. Had a good time and learned even more that the Appleton area has an extremely tight-knit group of IT practitioners/users. It’s so refreshing to see a group root for each other so much. Madison has similar groups, but nothing consolidated and cohesive like they do up in Appleton. Awesome sauce.  

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