Delete user in membership provider

I have a SharePoint farm where I use the aspnet membership provider. Now and again I need to remove users due to separations, change of job, etc. so they can’t access SharePoint.

Like all of you I have to research this thing anew every time I have to do this. But no more! My future self will thank me.

Using the aspnet_Users_DeleteUser stored proc we can remove users via SSMS.

USE [database name]

EXEC [dbo].[aspnet_Users_DeleteUser]
@ApplicationName = '[Application Name]',
@UserName = '[Username]',
@TablesToDeleteFrom = 15,
@NumTablesDeletedFrom = 0


@TablesToDeleteFrom can be a bit confusing when you open the stored proc up. It’s actually a bit mask. I typically have to remove users entirely so I use 15, but this blog post details out some additional options for that parameter:

@NumTablesDeletedFrom is an input/output variable, meaning anything you put in there will get replaced by 0 in the query. You can use that parameter to inspect the output but I’m not that ambitious.

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