PerformancePoint 2013 and Tabular data sources #fail

I spin up my spiffy new SharePoint 2013 environment, migrate my PerformancePoint databases, and then try to hit the dashboards. I’m greeted by all kinds of errors. Take note: we’re using more and more tabular SSAS data sources at Trek.

Fast forward a few days. I open a ticket with Microsoft and begin troubleshooting. Engineer was a helpful chap. He had an idea from the get-go what the problem was, but wanted to check some environment variables before we go and start installing stuff.

Long story, short: you need to install the ADMOMD.NET SQL 2008 R2 feature pack if you want to hit tabular data sources (LINK – you’ll find the correct pack towards the bottom of the Install Instructions section). #lamesville #sql2012hasbeenoutforalmostayear

I asked the engineer to send me the Technet article stating this to which he replied “Wish I could.” Nowhere in any of Microsoft’s documentation does it state you need to install this feature pack in order to use tabular data sources in SP 2013. He did however send me this blog post so kudos to him for that: