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Living in Wisconsin we get snowed in from time to time. It’s nowhere near as bad as this Russian town (Real Russian Winter) but this weekend we got about 6 inches. With ample time on my hands I figured it was time to do some internet housecleaning.

Consolidated Twitter handles

Managing @spwookiee and @inhifistereo was a lot. I have used inhifistereo as a handle since the days of AOL so I feel a pretty tight attachment to it. But spwookiee had the following. Did a swap similar to THIS and I was off and running.

Renamed Blog

Along the same lines as the Twitter handle swap, just wasn’t feeling I had always planned to do something Star Wars-esque with the site but never got around to it. Additionally, I’m doing more BI and CRM work these days on top of my SharePoint work. Felt kind of weird posting CRM stuff on a blog that had SharePoint in the title. Plus, choosing another domain made the next change a little easier.

Goodbye GoDaddy, Hello WordPress on Azure

I use Windows Azure a lot at work. I fall in love a little more every time I log in to the portal. So why not use wordpress on azure for my blog hosting too? I get way more control and it’s a little cheaper too.

I wanted completely out of GoDaddy’s grip so I transferred my domains to I’m way happier because I get everything included in the purchase price with that GoDaddy charges ala carte for. So take that GoDaddy:

Pros and Cons

As with any decision, there are pros and cons. I listed most of the pros above. I can think of 2 Cons. 1) Dip in viewership/following. New URL means folks will have to update their RSS readers. Hopefully I can find a way to redirect. 2) New tech. I do use Azure fairly often, but I don’t know everything about it. I’ll assume there will be a learning curve of some sort.

The whole switch took me about 8 hours over the course of 2 weeks. I did a little here and there when I had the time. But the biggest chunk happened over this weekend. Pretty happy with the results so far.