The blog has been quite for a little too long. So much for that blog challenge (point 3 in this blog post)…

This week I’ll be in New Orleans for #CONV13 (aka Convergence 2013); the conference for the Dynamics side of Microsoft. I’m here specifically trolling for CRM content and learning all I can so I can take it back to Trek.

Today’s events so far: Steve and I left MKE at around 1:30 PM and arrived in MSY about 2 hours and change later. Baggage claim took a little while longer than expected. Hopped in a cab and 25 minutes later we’re in our hotel. Figured I’d throw the laptop up and put a blog post together before we head out for dinner.

I’m thinking Acme Oyster house tonight.

Adam Richman from Man vs. Food put down 15 dozen. I don’t think I’ll be taking on that challenge tonight. What I do know is that when Steve and I come to town you’re usually guaranteed a good time.

Overall, I’m pretty stoked for this conference. Should give me a good chance to connect with folks in this space and hopefully learn a thing or two. Might have a libation or two as well Winking smile

If you’re in town give me a shout out on Twitter @spwookiee or shoot me an e-mail at david_peterson@trekbikes.com. I’m always game for a bite and/or a beer.

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